Thursday, 31 January 2013

Few hours left!

At 9 hours to the end of the crowdfunding campaign, we want to thank our most recent supporters. Thanksss!!!

Lena Hirschbach
Stefania Matteini
Jurgen Von Duszeln
Luca Lorenzini & the staff from the studio
Christian Bruno
Micah Garen
Anonymous contributors at Libreria Cuccumeo & Teatro Verdi, Florence

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Good news for Punishment Island!

We just reached our target thanks to your generous support! Thank you for having believed in this project. It is an outstanding result!

We will continue fundraising for the three days left to deadline. All the extra funding that we will be able to raise will be used 50% to support a local project (women crafts workshop, children health program or swimming courses for adults and children, depending on the amount) and 50% towards improving post-production of the rough cut (sound, music, colour correction) and taking the film to markets for complete financing of the last part of the shooting. W e remind you that the deadline is very close: 31st of January! Thanks!

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Monday, 28 January 2013

- 4

Just 4 days to reag the goal!
You are so many and so generous that we that, we really want to express our gratitude to all of you!

Mick Csaky
Max Buschfeld
Irina Janke
Styliani Parascha
Amanda Belz
Carolina Bettoni
Dominique Dehareng
Hannah Ormston
Maura Martelli
Paola Bonaiuti
Nikolas Napierala

Some data about Punishment Island

- 10.000 € is the final target.
- 82% the supports already received.
- more than 300 people believe in this project and have already generously contributed.
- with a small contribution of 5 € each we can make it.
- 4 days left to the end of the crowdfunding campaign.
- 3 good reasons to contribute: it is a good project; at this times, especially in Italy, to produce something that is culturally important we can only count on the community support; a small price is associated to each contribution.
- 2 ways to donate: on Ulule with credit cards, prepaid or paypal; cash, bank transfer or cheque directly to us.
- 1 a lake, an island, a story which we hope we will be able to tell you soon.

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Countdown started!!!

Still 6 days to the end of the campaign!!
Today, our special thanks go to:

Rosanna Montano
Laura Delle Cane
Beatrice Benedetti
Jessy Contorno & Filippo De Maria
Enza Quattrocchi
Beatrice Pazzaglia
Sandra LAndi
Rebecca Swan
Paola Giustini

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- 6!

Only six days left to help us reach our target, the minimum money needed to get on with the next stage of shooting to tell this special unknown story. Joining us on Ulule, you will updated about the state of production and we will receive rewards depending on your contribution. You can support us with credit cards, prepaid and paypal, and you don't need to get out of your way. With 18% left to raise - any small contribution is vital for us at this point. Hoping to see you amongst our supporters! Thanks!

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thanks to our supporters!

Last crowdfundings days! We want to thank all our new, old, precious and beloved supporters! Please, try to be more and more... :)

Felice Codacci
Nadia Angilella
Chiara Carminati
Siba Westphal
Julia Koppetsch
Merav Bat-Gil
Alex Finn
Renzo Nelli
Juliane Seifert
Nicola Usborne
Catia Giaccherini
Alessandro Conci

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

News with payments

From today it is also possible to contribute with Paypal (until deadline which is 31st of January). Hoping someone will make use of it. Thanks!!!

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Towards the end of our campaign!

Today we are entering the last ten days of our crowdfunding campaign having reached a percentage of nearly 74%. This is an excellent result, still not enough. We won't get anything if we don't get it all, and we can't do it for less than 10.000 which was already a very reduced budget. So, if you read, you know that your contribution - even a small one  of 5 or 10 Euros - can be vital for us to continue working on this special documentary.

Our personal crowdfunding experience proved us that only friends of all of us involved (both in crowdfunding team and in the shooting team) decided to make a contribution, in a few cases friends of friends, in very rare cases someone who just read about us on the web or came across our project through the articles that have been written about it. So, for us the viral effect of the campaign didn't work much, it raised interest, yes, but this didn't result in contributions and everybody knows that when it comes to film, nothing can be done without the money. It remained pretty much an European affair, mainly financed by Italy, Germany and Austria, with some participation from UK, France and Belgium. Also we didn't have any help by any humanitarian association, local or international. We know we are not in the richest phase of history, but we mind a bit about these aspects of the campaign. 

However people around us responded very generously and we had very good response from strangers at live events, where we either presented the trailer or we made a brief pitch. Either at Gospel concerts, Pop concerts, or film screenings, it really worked. We were proud to have launched the idea of a domestic vintage market last Saturday which was very successful. On the side a shopper with a total new look which contributed towards the making of Punishment Island!

So, these are our thoughts coming to the end of the campaign. It is not over yet, though, you can still support us at or get in touch with us for any further info you may need - You can also view the full trailer of Punishment Island at 
With the occasion we warmly thank the supporters of last week:

Julian Falge
Nora Von Duszeln
Laura Pecci & Tomo Kimura
Anna Catala
Onda Veltrusky
Ombretta Guerrini
Giampiero Sbaragli
Stefano Stefani and the Verdi Theatre, Florence
All the shoppers of the vintage market!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Weekly thanks to our supporters!

As usual, we want to thank our weekly supporters, and we want to thank those who had already supported us and came to last Friday concert to support again (they know who they are) and those who left anonymous contributions for us at the theatre. Really, thanks to all!

Natale Leuzzi
Claudia Tagliaferri
Patrizia Penco
Nadia Angilella
Circolo Rigacci
Lella Sion
La scena muta:

Letizia Fuochi - Silvia Conti - Edoardo Semmola - Riccardo Ventrella - Tiziano Mazzoni
Marco Fontana - Francesco Cosumano - Marco Cantini - Alessandro Bruno
Marcello Parrilli - Umberto Bartolini - Andrea Landi - Jonathan Chianucci - Le Riffe di Raffa              
Roberto Mangione - Giovanni Vaccari - Andrea Laschi - Giuseppe Gorini

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Who is Laban?

Laban Ahimbisibwe is a great local guy living at Lake Bunyonyi. Young, outgoing, full of energy, he is very trusty, knows how to get respect from people and... pay the right price for things. He has excellent working experience as translator Rukiga/English for the International doctors in Bufuka. At weekend he also works at Edirisa crafts making shop at Rutinda. He is gonna be our general location organizer and translator, together with Comfort.  

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Voices for the invisible island!

It translates more or less like that the wonderful evening that the Florence-based group of musicians from "La scene muta" organized yesterday to raise funds for Punishment Island. We presented the documentary showing the trailer and then lots of musicians performed for the island with the overall presentation of sparkling Letizia Fuochi and Silvia Conti and their respective male assistants, one rigorously brown-haired and one blonde, Edoardo Semmola and Riccardo Ventrella. It was an exciting night full of energy, fun and emotion. Musicians didn't forget a thought for Italian actress Mariangela Melato, died yesterday and musician Fabrizio De AndrĂ© as yesterday it was the anniversary of his death. A great night that gave excellent result: all the guests, musicians and the same Circolo Rigacci that hosted the event for free gave their contributions for the telling of this story. Thanks to everybody for the successful and fun night. Here are some pictures while more than be viewed on:

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

No Grannies in Africa: Who Will Tell this Tale?

Dilman Dila, an Ugandan friend and filmmaker, writes about my own deep motivations to make this film. Am I entitled to tell this story?

No Grannies in Africa: Who Will Tell this Tale?: A few years back, I used to have a certain kind of anger against foreigners who came to Uganda (and by extension other ‘poor’ countries) ...

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Last month of crowdfunding!

This is for sure our last month of crowdfunding, no more extensions are allowed after this, plus we need to get to Uganda in February before heavy rains make traveling too difficult around the lake. We are still in need of 42% of our budget and we are counting on your help. In the meanwhile we want to thanks those supporters who continue contributing during this holiday season! Thanks a lot to all of them:

Heidi Gronauer
Carlo Boschi
Matthias Klaus-Von Duszeln
Nadia Angilella
Giuseppe Lenzo
Giuseppe Di Paola

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